America, World Bankers, and Suddam Hussein what do they all have in Common and the Irony behind all of it.

By Shawn Presley

So being the YouTube junkie that I am, I randomly came across an interesting video, it was the trial of Suddam Hussein. Now before you go all American Patriot on me, I must admitt there were some pretty interesting things that were stated.

Throughout the trial Suddam mentioned how he was beaten and even robbed for some personal items such as jewelry and cash by American troops. Not to mention his constant rhetoric all this all was some lie cooked up by the Americans. That got me thinking, maybe America is not some righteous out to ride the world of evil like we all like to believe country; so with my abundance of free time, I though it wouldn’t be robbery to do a little light  research.

I actually discovered that Suddam Hussein’s crime against the mighty United States was the fact he began to sell his countries oil to other nations for Gold. Now if you’ve been under a rock for the past half century you may know the Federal Reserve prints the nations money and loans it to us with an interests of course. The reason this is detrimental to the US is because the selling of goods for gold was done away with around 1970 under president Nixon, when we went off the gold standard system. This ultimately costs Suddam his life because he was bypassing the powers that be and ultimately robbing them. So we created the Weapons of Mass Destruction accusation and, well, you know the rest.

I thought this newsworthy because as much of an American I am and how I Love this country and the freedoms we enjoy, I’m ultimately a victim to the self serving propaganda  to the states and how it is used to push forth their agenda. It made me wonder that other nations we pity such as south Korea, we are actually not so different.

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