The Internet of Things Puts Humanity on the Shore of New Age

Throughout human history, new developments and uses for technology have begun new ages for innovation and growth. These developments often change the way industries are run and even the world. A perfect example is the assembly line. This innovation to how things were made soon became the norm. The assembly line changed all of manufacturing from that moment on.

Now the development of internet technology finds us at a point where the world around us will be obsolete compared to everything that comes after. The Internet of Things is a term used to describe taking inanimate objects and connecting them to the internet. This capability comes with great advancements in other forms of technology as well including: semi-conductors, wireless technology, and the availability of reliable internet connections.

The Internet of Things can be applied to anything: appliances, buildings, cities. Manufacturers will be able to improve efficiency. Driverless car technology will be able to advance. Entire cities will be connected. All of humanity will see a line of demarcation in history.

Before the Internet of Things, most things operated independently with one another, unless someone made those things work together. Your alarm clock at home was separated from your pocket watch and cell phone. However, as we move forward there will be a time that all of our devices will have the capability of being able to communicate with one another.

While this could send all of us hurtling closer to obsolescence, we have to accept that our world is going to change, and our children’s children will live in a world entirely different than we had ever experienced. They will live in a world where they will have greater freedom than we’ve ever experienced.

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