After Tom Brady and NFL Deflategate is over, this case have created an effect that can jeopardize this sport!

After months of delegation, scrutiny, and blame game the National Football league and Tom Brady scandal of deflate-gating footballs is over. No one really expected this matter to drag on for months- to a point that everyone was sick of talking about it. But no matter if you think Tom Brady had form of awareness or not , Judge Richard Berman reached a conclusion.

In the beginning, everyone believed Tom Brady had to know something about deflating balls in the AFC Championship game. After different misguided, misinformation and contrversial reports but media outlets, NFL, and Tom Brady people; the case went to Judge Berman. He wasn’t shy on wanting both parties to come to an agreement; which resulted in parties “leaking” and meeting multiple times to find a resolution. In the end both parties took a leap of faith; Ultimately, Brady was the winner. Judge Berman ruled, NFL overreached toward Brady suspension and  punishment that led for Brady suspension be nullified.

As the news became public so many other questions came with it. Will NFL appeal the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit? After another high-class case occurs, will the NFL use Ted Wells firm? Should the due process that NFL & NFLPA agreed on the CBA should be adjusted?

So many questions have resulted in this mess of disputes; from Ray Rice abuse case to Adrian Peterson discipline  to golden boy Tom Brady’s. Once a powerful, unstoppable sport organization that grossed billions of dollar of revenue to an organization that feels like it’s destroying itself. As the NFL regular season a week away, more questions still remains but as the noise of distractions dissolve fans can only wait how their favorite team record will be.

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