How WhatsApp has challenged the Mobile Messaging and App Industry

WhatsApp, a messaging app created in 2009 has recently reached nine hundred million users.

The app that started as a basic messaging app, is now one of the most used messaging app, beating out Facebook messenger by two hundred million more active users, according to an article on The famous app was bought last year by Facebook for nineteen million dollars, when it had six hundred million users, and has been growing ever since.

Now, what is so amazing about WhatsApp and what sets it apart from other messaging apps, is that is has employed a voice calling feature, according to Users from all over the world are able to use this feature to send voice notes or even call, with unlimited minutes, for free. This non-exclusive app is available to users whether they are team IPhone or team Android.  The WhatsApp app is also great because it allows users to use emojis without having to add a separate installation, which has been an issue for other messaging apps.

Other features this app includes are similar to the standard messaging installation that comes with a new phone such as ; video/photo sharing and group messaging.

I know personally, WhatsApp is a way I am able to stay connected with family members all across the country and it makes is so much more convenient to communicate.

With free voice calling, free photo/video sharing and group messaging, what more could you want ?

In the future, I except WhatsApp to employ a video chat feature. Something that will really set them apart and continue to grow their active user count.

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