UCF Affiliated Housing, Knights Circle, Outrages Residents Over Internet Speed

With less than a month into the semester, Knights Circle residents are already furious with the decisions made by executives to cut expenses prior to move-in day. Knights Circle recently downgraded their cable and internet from Bright House Networks to Airwave Networks, a well-known cheaper alternative to Bright House. According to their website, Knights Circle’s amenities include high speed internet, something residents claim they are not receiving.

Some students like Adam Cohen have gone as far as to start a petition on change.org, a website that allows anyone to start a movement and push decision makers to make a change. The petition is directed to Knights Circle property manager, Robert Myers; UCF Housing, and Airwave Networks. The letter that already has the support of 421 people includes staggering facts about the internet connection provided to the residents.

According to the petition, a resident can expect an internet upload and download speed of 1 megabits per second and a maximum of 3 megabits per second, a speed that is slower than 91% of the internet found in the United States. The internet provided by the UCF affiliated apartment complex is reported to be so slow that students are unable to watch lectures or even log on to Webscourses, a website where students submit assignments for almost all of their classes.

Students living in Knights Circle are urged to sign the petition in hopes that executives will make moves on the issue and accommodate the basic needs of a UCF student. The petition goes on to say that residents should also fill out a complaint form which can be found at any phase office.

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