Am I Ugly. Internet Pandemic

As long as anybody can remember teens have been concerned about their looks. In many times teens ask their parents, family or very good friends if they are good looking. There is a very good chance that you yourself has asked this question at one point or another. This also leaves them open for predators searching for a younger individual to prey on. Teens are very sensitive and even worse always self conscious, this is where these questions come from.

The internet is adding new levels to this question that the self conscious teens are asking. Teens are going on youtube for the opinion of everyday internet users to give their opinions on if that individual is good looking. This leaves too many areas that the teens can be attacked on. The first being people can be cut throat for no reason at all, and at their fragile age this could crush these young adults self esteem. There are people that will be honest or try to make these kids feel good about themselves but these people are way to few and far between. The internet is a place where people feel like they can be as mean as they want with no consequence, it makes them feel invincible. This being said they will be as mean as they want and potentially scar someone because they feel it is funny or they want to knock someone down a notch.

Another thing is that this is leaving teens open to internet predators. These young teens are looking for acceptance and someone who thinks they are attractive. Their fragile mindset to how they look opens the door to many people who will feed on it. Even before the internet this has been an issue, but now it can be so much easier for internet stalkers to find self-conscious young adult that they can feed their ego and get them to do what they want. This is opening way to many doors for people that prey off the weakness of others.

This new internet fad needs to be stopped in it’s tracks. There is no good that can come from this. In many cases people are too self destructive to allow others to feel better than how they feel. It also leaves so much opportunity to people online who parents try to protect their children from everyday. It is opening the flood gates for negativity, pain and people who want to use these issues against the teens for their own gain.

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