Dreams Come True With Taylor Swift

For most teenage guys out there, country music lovers or not, you’ll probably find a poster of the lovely Taylor Swift hanging on their bedroom wall. Even while Swift dresses very conservative, she still makes the wall next to the supermodels in their bikinis (or nothing at all). With her baby blue eyes, porcelain skin, long blonde hair; her beauty is undeniable.

Very rare in this world do we hear about a celebrity doing an act of kindness that doesn’t end up in their checking account some way or another. Yet, the very humble Taylor Swift is once class act.

Eighteen year old, Kevin McGuire was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of thirteen. For a while, Kevin was in remission, but unfortunately has relapsed and is battling his cancer again for the second time. Like a lot of kids in high school, having a celebrity be your date to the prom would be a dream come true (plus the coolest kid in school). Kevin’s wish was to have Taylor Swift be his date to his prom. His determined sister was convinced to make his wish come true. So she set up a Facebook campaign which received over 99,000 people and caught the attention of their local news. Taylor Swift, declined the offer to go to Kevin’s prom, and invited him to be her guest at the AMC Awards.

Of course without question Kevin accepted the invite to the award show. They will be attending the show this April, and I could not be happier for him. Kevin is blessed to have such a wonderful sister who helped not a dream come true, but the wildest dream come true. Swift is probably one of the most unselfish celebrities out there. She is an incredible young lady, who uses her fame in a positive way. She adores her fans, and her fans adore her. My hats off to you Ms. Swift, you seriously have touched this young means life, and everyone else who hears about this rare act of kindness. How about we keep this approach going, and pass it on! What an inspiration.

Have a great time with your date Kevin! Enjoy every minute of it! Taylor you are America’s favorite sweetheart. Keep being such a positive role model!

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