An Important Life Lesson We All Know But Have Forgotten

The life expectancy of the average American is 8o years, how crazy is that? In those 80 years we go through so much yet we never take a moment to step back and appreciate the simple fact that we are alive. We all have different pasts, different presents, and will have different futures. Our stories begin each day with the first breath we take as we awaken our resting soul. We have the power to determine the kind of day we will have. Do we choose to belittle the beautiful world we live in or do we choose to appreciate and respect one another and our world, that my friends is the question.

I believe we are all interconnected, our thoughts and attitudes affect the people around us. The smallest gesture to the strangest individual could change his or her day around . Showing gratitude and acknowledgement goes a long way. I think its funny how the simple life lessons we were taught in elementary school are the most important, yet we seem to overlook them when life hits us. Look at the world through the eyes of a child, you would be surprised what it will do to your world view.

The truth is we all go through the same things, at different stages of our life maybe, as well as in different ways, but for the most part we all think and feel fairly similar. The things that motivate us and keep us going are the ones that make us happy and make us better individuals. In the end the good and the positive prospers. You have the power to determine what kind of life you will have despite the circumstances, you can either make the best of it or you can mope and frown. Don’t take the limited 80 years of your life for granted, its never to late to make a positive change.

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