Australia Ablaze While North America Freezes Over

After arriving just last week from Australia, I’m in the United States for the first time ever. I left the airport and departed on my adventure with promises and hopes of sunny Florida skies and warm weather. Well let’s just say, the weatherman must have missed my memo! During the past couple of weeks Orlando has experienced unusually cold weather including a few days when the maximum daily temperature hardly reached 10°C(50°F) and there is more on the way.

But while I’m here complaining that I didn’t pack any winter woolies, our neighbors in Canada and in the Northern parts of the USA are freezing. Literally! News reports state that Canada has experienced some days that have been colder than the North Pole and Mars. Even areas of Montana dropped as low as -52°C(-61°F) and 14 other American states have had temperatures below -40°C(-40°F). Apparently at those temperatures you can even throw a cup full on boiling water in the air and watch it turn to snow before it hits the ground. This isn’t just a novelty though, it has had serious consequences. 18,000 flights have been cancelled in the US because of recent snow storms. Schools and businesses throughout the affected regions have been forced to close. Even daily life for some has been difficult as water mains and household pipes have frozen.

Meanwhile, Australia is suffering through a record breaking and widespread heat wave. Many towns have reached the highest recorded temperatures in more than 100 years and some days have exceed the hottest days on records. Bush fires threaten and have claimed lives already and many homes have been destroyed. Adelaide has experienced it’s warmest week on record with 6 consecutive days over 40°C(104°F). One town in the same state had a record breaking temperature of 54°C(129°F). This has raised severe concerns for the welfare of the sick and elderly. Wildlife has also been extremely affected with reports of 25,000 bats dying in South-East Queensland, many simply dropping dead from trees.

This leaves me with one question for the climate change doubters. How do you do it?

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