Are Party Drugs The New Norm?

In the past few years, the rave scene has become very popular to our generation.  The draw of lights, loud music, and a non-stop party mood keeps the scene alive and still thriving.  But with all night fun party drugs are brought into the mix.  As a student in college it’s normal to hear about people drinking and smoking for their choice of fun.  Now, it’s almost normal to hear about people “rolling” from Molly.

Molly is most prevalent within the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene.  It is almost impossible to go out or listen to the radio without noticing the heavy influence of EDM .  EDM has been around for a very long time but is now taking over the mainstream music industry.  Most clubs with a young crowd will be playing this music.

I do enjoy going out and seeing friends and dancing.  Recently, I ran into an old friend and commented on her weight loss.  She responded, “Molly,” like it was no big deal.  Has this really become OK enough for people to just state it like a new diet?  I don’t know too much about the effects of Molly on the brain, but I know it isn’t good.  Use of it can cause dehydration, lack of hunger and lack of sleep.  It may be fun and games that night, but is it really worth it?  I have read many articles that talk about the different types of drugs or chemicals that can be mixed with what is “pure” Molly.

Molly is going to be popular as long as people keep buying it and keep partying.  I would not judge someone for using it, but I do worry that it is becoming more accepted than should be within our generation.

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