Pollution in Asia Affecting Air Circulations Across the Globe.

An article published in the latest issue of Nature Communications features nearly thirty years of research done on how pollution stemming from Asia is affecting all parts of the globe.

Due to the bustling economy found in Asia, and particularly China, there have been numerous factories and plants built in order to keep up with the growing populations. Unfortunately, with the surge in power plants used for energy, there was also an enourmous increase in the amount of air pollution being pumped into the atmosphere. China has been battling pollution for quite some time now as they recently implemented a new system aimed at decreasing pollution levels. The high levels of carbon emissions, which are released into the atmosphere and are able to climb almost six miles above ground level, affect not only the immediate areas but can also alter the weather around the world. Nature Communications describes the pollution as severely affecting the air circulations globally and can potentially impact how strong storms are in North America.

With such findings as these, it is clear that pollution and global warming need to be addressed. Not only must government officials focus on such matters, but local communities can also help and aid in cleaning up the planet. Living in a sustainable manner is fundamental to the globe’s ability to maintain high populations for generations to come.

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