Are People Too Reliant On Technology?

This past week I encountered quite a few obstacles.  For one, my car was acting up, yet again, and I had to take it in.  There went my way to school.  Also, I was not able to finish a project due to lack of compatibility between software and different machines.  And I still have yet been able to turn it in…

But my thought is, are we too reliant on our technology?  No matter where you go it’s there.  On the road telling you how fast you’re going, items on the menu at different restaurants, and of course right in front of me writing this blog post.  My school work is heavily influenced by technology being a digital media minor.  Using technology is part of the curriculum.  But when something happens to it…. what do you do next?

Once your device fails it is nearly impossible to fix that situation.  Without the funds or know how, you’re basically out of luck.  We put so much effort in getting the best equipment and learning as much as we can, and all of it can be so easily destroyed.

Most people today, at least in the United States, would be lost without their current devices.  We’ve adapted so far to this technological generation that we couldn’t even go back.

Calendars, tests, homework, work, money, you name it!  We are subject to what our technology feels like doing.  We take advantage of the fact that we can do everything on one device.  But have you ever wondered what would you do without it?

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