Missouri’s Michael Sam Makes History Before NFL Draft

In today’s day in age, especially in sports, there is a strong trend in acceptance amongst teammates and there has been no better example up to now it truly how the culture has changed. Sunday evening marked the first time where an NFL prospect came out and stated he was “openly gay.” Missouri’s Michael Sam has had a tough life. He has seen his brother shot right before his eyes, he has two brothers in jail and he promised himself that he would not travel down that same path. So, when it came time to openly come out to his teammates and subsequently the world, it was an easy thing to do for the 6 foot 2 linebacker.

Coming off of an award winning season for not only Missouri but Smart, Smart is looking to become the first active NFL player to openly come out as being gay and the game of football and sports alike are ready for this to take place. When looking around the league, homosexuality hits home with the man at top, the commissioner and his predecessor, and have an acceptance that hits home. Commissioner Roger Goodell has an openly gay brother and it is not strange or odd that more and more gay athletes are coming out and being a viable part of a winning process. Paul Tagliabue, the commissioner prior to Goodell has an openly gay son, proof that the people at the top have a close tie to homosexuality and expect and believe the NFL is a place where athletes of all beliefs can compete at the highest level. Smart is looking to make history in the upcoming NFL draft and hopes the pave the way for future openly gay athletes.


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