The American Mud Race is Back!

If you are the kind of person that does not mind getting down and dirty, then the American Mud Race is an event that you cannot miss! The event features one of the craziest obstacle courses ever put together, and they guarantee one thing: your shower will hate you when you get home. While this event is creative and fun, there is also a greater cause that will encourage you to take part. AMC is teaming up with Home at Last to donate a portion of the proceeds of the event to help wounded veterans gain access to mortgage-free, accessible homes for them and their families to pay them back for their dedicated service to the Armed Forces.

The race is a 5K that was first started by a group of UCF Alumni who wanted to make a difference in their community and also give back to the many service men women all throughout Florida. The race also works with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida by donating a portion of their proceeds. They also are going to clean and donate all the shoes used in the race to help those in the coalition.

This race is for anyone who wants to get down and dirty and also help out some amazing organizations continue their work. To register for the event and to answer any questions you may have, visit

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