Are Photos Too Graphic for the Public?

Too much graphic is exactly how graphic? Society today is very conscious about pictures they print in papers or show on the news. They want to make sure the pictures are not graphic that it will in a way “harm” society. I think this is repulsive. I think that if a picture is necessary to tell a story or to get a point across then it should be shown to America. People are too ignorant these days and I think that plays into how sensitive America is. We should not be lied to or told that a situation is not as serious as it is because we don’t want to make people uncomfortable. I agree with Haiti with the fact that they wanted to show how bad the earthquake was. People need to see how much they are struggling and that they need our help to build back their island. If people are too sensitive to these pictures, then there can be a disclaimer. News anchors can say “this photo is graphic” right before they show it. With so much wrong in the world today, America needs to not sugarcoat situations and just be straight forward with the public. Photos show truth. Sure people can crop photos, but a lot of research goes into making sure facts are right and especially photographs.

Do I think that photos should be shown if they exploit a family, no. This is because it can cause more grief to the family. There is no need to display a picture of a family grieving over the loss of their child. What good is that doing for America as a whole? Nothing, it just depicts that nothing else in the world is worth the time to be the “front page” story.

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