Is It Really Down Hill After 21?

Ladies and Gents I am glad to inform you all that I have been twenty-one for a full twenty-four hours. Throughout the day I received phone calls and text messages from family and friends and they all told me I was old and I had nothing to look forward too. But whats so great about being twenty-one. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my birthday but I don’t think its the end. When your twenty-one your according to the movies we are supposed to get drunk, do crazy things, get videotaped whilst doing these crazy things and your are considered a legal adult and I THINK you can rent a car…I think. Twenty-one is not all smiles and giggles folks. At twenty-one you can also get arrested as an adult and get sued.

To me twenty-one was not the end like most people think, to me its the beginning. It means I’m a few months away from finally graduating with my degree and making my family proud (plus I’m expecting great graduation gifts). It means hopefully starting my career and moving my way up a company. After twenty-one means more responsibility to my family, close friends, and my community. After twenty-one to me is a landmark that tells me that time is precious and that I need to make a mark and a change somewhere, somehow. So for these thinking that after twenty-one there’s no more excitement, your wrong. You still have your whole life ahead of  you to do great things so save some of that energy to keep you motivated.

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