Are Reality Shows shielding us from reality?

I cannot say that I am not guilty of watching reality television, I plead the fifth . I indulge in my guilty pleasures from time to time, shows such as “Basketball wives” and “Love and Hip-hop”. I admit that these shows are very entertaining, but I do believe that these shows may also be an intentional distraction from real issues of the world. A lot of people may say that I am looking way too deeply into reality television, but I think not. There are real issues affecting real people; instead of watching the news or reading up on issues of importance, the majority of Americans would rather watch the drama of women who have problems with other women. This becomes a problem because these really aren’t issues that we can do anything about, what we can do is inform ourselves on topics of importance and do our parts. I recently caught myself rushing home on a Monday night to catch an episode of “Love and hip-hop”, I literally scheduled it into my agenda. That is when it hit me, the fact that I am one of millions who are religiously watching pointless shows rather than making a difference within my community. I speak with confidence when I say that, our government is extremely corrupt; never has our (Americans) best interest at hand. So I believe that these shows are meant to “dumb us down” opposed to influence us to make a change within the world. According to, the definition of “distraction” is something that diverts attention: something that interferes with concentration or takes attention away from something else; in this case that “something else” is/are issues of importance.

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