Journalism starting a revolution

It has been said that for the past half decade, Egyptians workers, journalist and bloggers have been increasingly and bravely, been standing up  to their own government. I kind of got to witness this revolution in first hand. No, I was not directly involved, nor was I anywhere close to Egypt when this was going on. I did however see many things on the news and on youtube. I would watch the news and see the protest that were occurring over there. I also remember talking to my wife (my Fiance at the time) where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. She said “not Egypt”. That was the only thing though that i really paid attention to. I knew that they people of Egypt wanted a new government and that they wanted a new way of life. What I did not know is that journalism and blogging had a huge thing to do with the revolution. I have learned now that without them there would have been now way to get the information out. Journalism and blogger played a huge deal in this. Bloggers and Journalist were revealing what the government was actually doing opposed on what they said they were doing. This is called accountability journalism. By these journalist doing this they revealed secrets of the egyptian people and started a revolution.

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