Journalism: An Everchanging Industry

With the internet, just about anything you could ever want to know is available to you in just seconds. This seems incredibly convenient, especially when it comes to research, but who knows if what you may find on Google is really true? This question becomes a major issue when it comes to journalism. People believe that journalism is going extinct all together, but this is far from the truth. I would say the industry is going through a metamorphosis; it is transforming to become something far better than what it is today.

Society is driven by technology, so it only makes sense for journalism to switch over from old-school paper prints to online articles. Though this transition may take time, it is surely going to take place in the future. As indicated above, validity becomes a major question when talking about the internet; where just about anyone with a keyboard before them can become a “blogger” or a freelance journalist.  This is why it becomes imperative for major news corporations to jump on board and embrace the internet. This way, those of us who enjoy reading well put together news articles can do so without questioning its legitimacy.

Many are concerned about how to make money and sustain a business when most online papers are free and do not require a subscription. I believe once digital papers become more common, the money problem will be a less abstract idea and ways to receive compensation will be more evident. People do not want to waste their time reading false or construed information; therefore, small payments for credible news will be well worth it considering the time it may save someone searching through articles to find the truth.

Though it may go entirely digital, journalism will never fully disappear. It is simply needed in society to keep the facts separate from the fabricated articles that are too easily found online.

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