Are We Too Dependent On New Technology?

New technology is extremely pervasive in today’s society; everyone has smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.., and more and more people use mobile banking and even mobile learning. I have noticed that since getting a smart phone and an iPad, I spend more time checking social media or checking my email and other various apps than actually focusing on the thing I’m supposed to be doing at the moment.  We also are constantly playing catch up with whatever new device is coming out, even if we just recently bought some new electronics. Technology is supposed to help us become more productive, but essentially it is just making us try to do too much and focus on too much incoming information.

Children today have also become even more dependent on technology than adults are; rather than spending most of their time outside, children become consumed with video games, social media, and television. Most households nowadays would not be able to live without television, computers, and high speed internet. The fact that we can look up anything with the touch of a button has caused us to become extremely dependent on technology; most of us don’t even have a phonebook at home or even get the newspaper delivered to the house. It doesn’t appear that the rate at which new technology is coming out is going to slow down anytime soon, so it is up to us to make sure we take the time to focus on things other than our smart phones and television.

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