Iphone Vs. Google Eyeglasses?

In the red corner we have Apple putting in one of their most popular contenders the Iphone 5 weighing in at 112 grams with a net worth ranging over millions of dollars. In the blue corner we have Google…and their new eyeglasses? Yes you have read this correctly. Watch out Vision Works and Lens Crafters, beware Iphones and Ipads. The Google eyeglasses may just be the next big competition. No one is exactly sure why they’ve decided to migrate to this market but from what history tells us everything Google touches is gold. These glasses will have the ability to translate languages, record and take pictures, show walking directions, give you prompted alerts, video chat and has a voice activated ability to search the web and I’m sure much more. The down side you ask? Welp you have to provide Google with a post, video, or photo of what you would do if you had these glasses. If you are chosen you will have to give Google a big fat whopping check of 1,500 dollars to try them out.

I guess my biggest concern is why? Are these glasses really necessary? They do essential everything a phone can do but it is on your face. Don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to applaud Google and technology as a whole for the great strides we have made but I do feel like this research could have been spent on other pressing matters. My other concern is availability. If and when these techy eyeglasses make their big digitized red carpet entrance into our local stores will consumer be able to afford it? But who am I to question the authority of great innovation and hard work spent. I’m interested to see what the competition will bring after their release.

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