Athleticism Involvement: Increased Understanding or Wasteful Endeavor?

   The funny thing about video games is that they don’t usually involve a lot of strenuous activity such as athletic sports like football, baseball or soccer. This year Electronic Arts Tiburon will be developing and releasing the newest iteration of their basketball game series called, “NBA Live 14.” These particular sports games don’t offer much difference when compared to experiencing the real thing, minus the fact that not all of us can play like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Plus, in today’s world I find it odd how much some consumers love sports videogames like NBA Live 14 as opposed to actually going outside and engaging in real basketball game with a couple of friends.

     But I digress, I have nothing against sports video games in particular I just happen to find them rather boring when compared to the real life thing. That being said, I do think playing sports games like NBA Live 14 or others made by EA can help increase one’s sports knowledge particularly if that person knows nothing about the game in particular. But let’s be a little honest, considering that the concepts for: football, basketball, and soccer haven’t changed much over the years it’s still important to know how the game is played. However, with the technological advance modern society has achieved most of the information about any sports game can be looked up on the internet as opposed to playing the many sports video games that exist in this day and age. Quite frankly, I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought-let alone played a sports video game-in all my years of owning a video game console. Nevertheless, maybe if their sixty dollar price range dropped by about twenty dollars or so I’d be a bit more interested.

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