Invisibility is Slowly Becoming a Reality

When one reads about superpowers it is usually thought to be works of fiction not fact. But, with new breakthroughs this presumption may not hold true much longer. Invisibility has become a much more foreseeable horizon. In the United States and Canada alike, there are positive resulting tests that can prove to make invisibility and possibility. By refracting light around an object using a specific material scientists can portray anything or anyone as invisible. Now, in order for this to work the object or person must be cloaked with this material.

Naturally, the funding for this research is enormous and due to this, the process is taking quite a bit of time. Most of the funding is coming from the defense department. Naturally this device would be useful in the ides of war. Yet, on the flip side if in the wrong hands this device could be very dangerous. Just as any other weapon, a cloaking device could be used as a terrorist weapon.

The device works using radio waves being refracted. So, at this point the cloak would need to be close to some sort of machine that emits these radio waves. Eventually, scientists say the cloaking device will have this emitter built in, and it could be more mobile. The device started as only being able to cloak very small two-dimensional objects and has evolved into a device able to conceal a tank. At this rate, the advancement of invisibility is exponential. The capabilities of technology are slowly showing humanity that nothing is impossible and horizons of our capabilities are expanding.

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