Attempt to Enforce Sandusky’s Bail

Penn State is still under the gun, even after the death of Joe Paterno. Which seemed to be a stress related death to me. Sandusky is still getting a ton of media attention. Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky is under house arrest for his allegations of molesting children. Now he is accused of sitting on his back porch watching children play on a playground near by. Apparently house arrest does not seem enough for Sandusky even when he is still in the light of the media.

The prosecuting attorney is now shooting for Sandusky to only be allowed to leave his house for medical issues now that this new development in the case has arised. Many complaints have hit the radar of police from concerned parents and teacher, which will assist in the prosecutors new claim for bail. Even though it is risky, he is still under house arrest. He can not leave his home so there shouldn’t be an issue, as long as parents are smart enough to keep their children from his house. I just can not justify stripping an individual of their rights when they have yet to been given a verdict, no matter how glim it looks.

Sandusky is innocent until proven guilty, so the new concern over his bail seems very harsh. However if I were a parent in this neighborhood I would have serious concern for the same thing. Even though it is proven until proven guilty, having such allegations against you for such a haneous crime is a tough situation for judge and jury. How can people assume that he has been watching children though. He could just be sitting on his porch relaxing and because of previous events if children are aroung people will feel threatened.

It is a touchy subject. I can lean both ways in his new bail that is trying to get placed on him. If I were a parent or teacher around there, I would be very supportive of his bail being enforced. It is completely natural for a parent to feel threatened around a person who is acused of child mollestation. However it is in the american Judicial system that sombody is innocent until proven guilty. So adding more on to his bail is un-American. He is still a U.S. citizen and still has rights. It is a tough subject but a line needs to be drawn of what is taking it too far with taking an individuals given rights.

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