Mounting Drug Violence in Mexico

Drug violence in Mexico seems to have increased over the past few years.  I came across this news story and realized I have been to Mexico a few times but for vacation, obviously.  It is crazy to think some of these people who I probably came across are involved in these drug-related violence’s.  It comes down to trafficking to all sorts of drugs being shipped all over the world; which is pretty scary.  For those who plan on going on a spring break trip to Mexico, you have been warned.  Mexico is definitely not the safest place for young teens or any young woman because I am sure that is the type these people aim at.  Drugs are nothing new in Mexico though.  I am always hearing about drugs and violence in Mexico and how easy it is for them to get away with it; so it seems.  I enjoy taking vacations there because it is absolutely beautiful but hearing more and more about these stories does not make it too appetizing for a consistent traveler.  I cannot even imagine what they do over there and what this violence even consists of but I am not exactly sure I want to know.  The government is even warning American’s to stay away from Mexico because of the rising drug cartel that has been taking place over there.  They are even saying to stay as close as possible to their hotel if your plans for spring break is to go to Mexico which is not reassuring at all.  The government has put a warning out to American’s that if you are traveling near the area in Mexico to hide belongings and hide any sight of wealth because that is definitely a distraction for the smugglers in Mexico.  I cannot believe they have not been stopped or the rising drug and violence has not been regulated or it seems that way.  I definitely do not plan on vacationing off to Mexico any time soon and after reading more and more about this terrifying news makes me nervous for anyone who is planning a trip to Mexico in the near future.  I bet spring break is like a holiday over there because so many wealthy people take their families on vacation there and that is there way of making money.  The violence and drug violence should be regulated otherwise the economy over there is going to be damned for sure.

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