Australian teenager robs gas station with chainsaw and flowerpot

One might think that a teenager in Australia has been watching too many horror movies after a drunken robbery occurred yesterday inside of a gas station. The teen named Alexis Steele entered a 7-Eleven convenience store at 4:30 am wielding in his arms a running chainsaw and on his head a flower pot. The drunken teen then reportedly lunged at staff members who quickly escaped to a back room for safety and to alert the police of this strange attack.

Steele demanded money as the chainsaw buzzed in his hands, however it seems as if the alcohol may have impaired his conquest of the local 7-Eleven and it’s cash register. Instead of making off with bundles of cash, he left with only a bottle of soda. Before exiting the teen damaged a window with his chainsaw, broke many display racks, and to top it off, exposed his buttocks to the store attendants. As he fled the parking lot he also damaged a parked car.

A police officer responding to the panicked store attendant’s call noticed Steele walking down the side of the road, thus leading to an arrest and the end of his chainsaw pillaging days. The chainsaw was recovered in a bush after a dog squad traced his scent back to the 7-Eleven.

The teen is being charged with one count of armed robbery, two counts of wilful damage, one count of going armed to cause fear, one count of public nuisance, and one count of possessing suspected stolen property. Steele did not apply for bail and will remain in jail until his case is heard by a judge on March 3rd. The fate of the flower pot is unknown at this time.

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