Shake up with the Late Night line up

Move over Leno, your time is up! Jay Leno, the former host of the Tonight Show on NBC, has said good-bye for the last time (again) and handed the reigns of the Tonight Show over to his new successor, Jimmy Fallon. Leno has been the host of the prestigious late night show for 22 years and gave up his seat back in 2009 to Conan O’Brien. O’Brien lasted about 9 months, and then, due to various actions by the network, Leno ended up back with his spot t the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon has been comfortably resting at his spot right after Leno at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In February of 2013, it was announced that Leno would be leaving the Tonight Show (for good this time) and Jimmy Fallon would be taking over.

Jimmy Fallon is doing something big, he is bringing the show to New York City. The new Tonight Show will be filmed at 30 Rock in studio 6B, where Fallon has been filming Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the past 5 years. Fallon has expressed his excitement with bringing the show to his home of New York with Saturday Night Live’s executive producer Lorne Michaels leading the way.


With Fallon leaving Late Night, there was much speculation of who his successor would be until it was announced that SNL’s Seth Meyers would be taking over. This is a big more of Meyers who has been on SNL for 13 years, and has been the head writer of the show as well. Both Fallon and Meyers were Weekend Update anchors on Saturday Night Live, and cast members of the popular show produced my Michaels, so it is only fitting that Michaels would be producing both of their late night talk shows.


There is still much to been seen from Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers about what changes they will bring to the late night line up, and how it will effect everyone. We are entering a new age of late night and it all beings February 17th and 12:05 AM with Jimmy Fallon hosting the Tonight Show and Seth Meyers starting Late Night February 24th at 12:35.

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