Rhino Beetle Attacks Hawaii: Targeting the coconut

Over the past couple months, the notorious Rhinoceros Beetle  invades the streets and grasslands of Hawaii. They have been killing the crops by eating the plant sap and exposing them to disease. Darcy Oishi, an Agriculture Department Official stated that there is no effect from the various legal pesticides they have been using on the beetle. These Rhino Beetles have been known to mate and reproduce in garbage cans and debris so state officials have told residents to rid their yards of these potential beetle nests. This problem has become so big that the navy has gotten involved to search for major breeding sites which have been found to be in close proximity of each other. Scientists speculate that the Beetle may have found a ride from one of the civilian aircraft’s overseas since the breeding sites are close to the airport.

The Rhino Beetle has targeted the coconut as their main source of food and from this Hawaii has suffered a great loss of this valuable crop. However birds, rats and mongoose have already started to rid the infestation of the Rhino Beetle. The places where the Rhino Beetle has been found are now empty and other predators have been taking their place. This has helped the control of this bug and hopefully in the future they will get rid of them completely. Scientists say that getting rid of this bug isn’t impossible but it is improbable at this time because of the mass amounts of breeding sites that are still being discovered. Hawaii will need to act fast because if not one of their most valuable crops will diminish forever.

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