Automation: Growing Across the Globe

When I think about automation in the work force, I immediately think of robots taking over the world. The question is, will this actually happen? No one knows the definitive answer to this, but if our technology continues to grow at the rate it is today, anything is possible in the future for younger generations. Years from now, our children’s children could be out of work due to enhanced technological automation and robotics. It sounds kind of intimidating to think of, in my opinion, but at the same time, I think there could be great benefits to these enhancements. These benefits can come through advanced medicine techniques and such.

Medicine is an ever-growing field. There is no doubt in my mind that it will continue to grow and eventually incorporate automation at a more extreme level than what is done in today’s society. There is already technology available to doctors that allows them to do surgery over seas without having to actually travel over seas. This allows doctors to stay out of dangerous war zones, but still be able to save many lives all around the world. Distance and travel is no longer a factor, and I truly believe that it is amazing. It is only 2013, who knows what will happen in the next century or even the next decade.

People should be optimistic about automation. It is meant to make life easier, not to completely leave us out of work. It is meant to allow us to reach new limits and accomplish things that could not have even been dreamed of fifty years ago. Technology is a blessing, not a curse.


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