Will Computers Replace Humans?

As the populations grow larger and larger the work force decreases more and more. The reason for this decline is because of the increase of intelligence the new populations bring. A decade ago it was not common to constantly have access to the World Wide Web. Now almost everywhere you go you can access some sort of Wi-Fi. So while on a road trip you no longer need a paper map that seems to not fold up the same way twice. Instead you can just use your GPS that is embedded in all smart phones or that is available for purchase. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! However, the amount of jobs available has also declined because of the lack of physical labor needed from humans. This doesn’t sound so great.

What is going to happen when there is no need for humans in the work force? Are we going to all become the people in Wall-e that just float around and eat all day? I hope not! The reason why I do not think this will become an issue is because computers can never fully do what us humans can. There are always glitches just like people make mistakes. However, the only person who can fix a humans mistake is themselves. Whereas, the robots rely on us humans to fix their mistakes. Also robots do not have the personalities that us humans have. They do not have the ability to make someone smile as easily as we do. All we have to do is smile and be friendly and mean it and people will usually smile right back. Robots are have programed personalities therefore they do not genuinely mean their kindness. So at the end of the day we do not have to fear. Humans will always be needed no matter what.

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