Avalanches Isolates City and Cuts Off Transportation

The Alaskan city of Valdez has been completely cut off from the outside world, blocking the one major road available to drivers coming in and out of the town.

The first Avalanche occurred on Friday and more followed on Saturday. The Saturday Avalanches led the town officials to set up a shelter for the town of 4,000 at a local high school. Officials have said that the highway will be closed for about a week.

At this time these officials strongly urge the town residents to evacuate their homes and take advantage of the shelter. According to officials, water has started to build up behind the snow which can break through and carry the debris from the avalanches through the small town.

Other sources from the town website of Valdez have assured people that they do have plenty of fuel on hand and in case of an emergency, can attain more fuel and food by barge.

The video link below, brought to you by CNN, shows images of the great Avalanche after it tumbled down onto the road:



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