Avatar Expansion to Take Over Walt Disney World

This past weekend, the Walt Disney company officially announced that the blockbuster movie, Avatar will now be included into the parks at Walt Disney World Resort. The plan as of now is to have the setting of the movie, the planet of Pandora in Animal Kingdom park.

The themes of the movie with different forms of nature and food will mesh very easily with the park because Animal Kingdom is currently filled with animals of the past (dinosaurs), present (zoo animals), and fantasy. The avatar animals will fit very well with the fantasy section.

The area will include rides that simulate the air, water and ground in Pandora. Many of the famous blue inhabitants of the area will also be present in the update.

Disney has released a date in which they hope the re-vamp of Animal Kingdom to be done around 2017. There will be quite a bit of construction done to complete a project of this magnitude. James Cameron, the director of the film will have a huge role in helping to create this new area. With him involved, the area will be done just like it would in the movie and won’t be completely “disney-like”.

Avatar in the park will be Disney’s way to compete against new areas of Universal’s Harry Potter World. Both areas will be hugely successful and it will be very fun to see both of these theme park can make. When both Universal and Disney compete, I feel that the guest wins.

In summary, the park that the Avatar section is heading to needs some new attractions to keep people in the parks longer. It will be exciting to see what Disney announces next about this project.

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