Space Exploration Takes a Backseat

Space exploration over the past decade has slowly come to a disappointing halt. There has been a stoppage in shuttles sent into space for human exploration of the great unknown. The NASA budget is an extremely small amount of the total American government’s budget. Some may find that it is strange that we have hindered such an important and interesting agency.

These people are concerned for the same reason that I am, NASA is important. It is a common misconception that NASA is only used to explore space. They are a conglomeration of engineers, biologists and physicists that have contributed to society in countless ways. Most medical equipment was created using NASA technologies. Many household items such as smoke detectors and cordless tools are contributed to NASA research.

Interestingly, people still find that NASA is not a useful agency. It is ignorant to state that scientific research of the universe and the world around us is a waste of money. The day we begin to spend less money of knowledge and more on fiscal operations is the day the human race stops evolving. We were given an inquisitive mind in order to question this wonderful world around us. Misusing this gift is an insult to nature itself.

There are possibilities to discover cures for diseases, new technologies and even other civilizations with the ambition NASA implies. Just imagine if one hundred years ago we decided to cut funding to NASA. We would know much less about the universe then we do now and could quite possible be worse off in terms of technological advancement.

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