Back to the Future Movie Significant Date Sets Fans On a Revival

A day we thought would never come is finally here. Wednesday October 21, 2015.  The day where Marty McFly, played by Michel J. Fox visits the future in the unforgettable movie Back to the Future. Social media is being flooded with Back to the Future content by masses of fans and the hashtag #BackToTheFuture is trending worldwide. Many fans are having Back to the Future theme parties to pay homage to the iconic movie. The movie came out in 1989 and showed audiences an idea of how the American society would look like in the year 2015. Now that we are living in the year 2015, almost 30 years later, we can determine some of the predictions the movie got right and some of the predictions it got wrong.

Robert Lee Zemeckis, the director of the Back to the Future movie had a pretty good grasp of how the future was going to look like. For starters the movie shows a house that uses biometric identification technology for an individual to enter it, we use that same technology to unlock our IPhones and access its content. There is also a scene in the movie of a dog being walked by a drone; we also have that technology available in 2015. Wearable technology was used in the movie, now days we also have wearable technology such as Google Glass. Floating hoverborads played a huge role in the “future” of the Back to the Future movie; we can say that the director got that slightly correct. A floating hoverboard was introduced in 2014 by a company called Hendo and Tony Hawk was the first to ride it; however, the hoverboard only works on special copper plated surfaces and in the movie it worked on any type of surface.

However, there were many predictions the movie got wrong when it came to the American 2015 lifestyle. We do not have flying cars. When it came to fashion, the movie’s prediction was completely inaccurate displaying individuals wearing the most bizarre outfits; people wearing two ties and jackets that would self-adjust to your size. The movie also shows how folks used phone booths constantly; those are pretty extinct now days because everyone has cellphones. Regardless how many predictions the Back to the Future movie got right or wrong we can’t deny that it is a classic movie that has kept audiences entertained for years and in my opinion is one of the greatest movies ever made.

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