Mexicans Recover from Hurricane Patricia, While No Deaths Are Reported It Will Take Years To Get Back To Normal

This past Friday wasn’t what many Mexicans expected as Hurricane Patricia ripped through their coast line, while there are no reported deaths her trail can still be seen. The most pressing concern for the residents of this seaside town is the crops that they lost to the storm. Roofs were ripped off houses and many had to seek refuge in shelters for the time being. Police has to hold back on lookers to make sure that everyone was staying safe during this natural disaster. Many people lost all that they had on Friday night and it will take years for them to be able to get back to the place there were in again. Many of the houses that were built in this area belong to poorer families so the construction of them wasn’t as sound and they were built from flimsy materials.

Weather stations named Patricia as one of the strongest storms to hit the Western Hemisphere, with that knowledge I think that it is remarkable that there are no deaths because of this storm. Wind gust from the storm reached over 200 miles per hour, when it was in Mexico. It was also reported that rainfall could reach up to 20 inches in some areas, raising the possibilities for mudslides and flash floods. This events would put millions in danger not to mention the tourist that went there for a getaway.

Could you imagine going away on vacation and being caught in the middle of a natural disaster like this one?

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