banks greediness is their best quality!

Chase, Visa, Citibanks, BankofAmerica, American Express are known companies that deals with consumers currency in a daily basis. These companies’ obligations are to help consumers that safeguard their money, money distribution, protect their identity and satisfied their customers. In a digital dominance their customers are turning into social media, blogs, company website to show their frustration because these companies overall satisfaction has plummet throughout the years; people are using other methods to manage their finance.

The Author Jessica Leber interview Dan Schulman about AmericanExpress new digital platform and the innovation technology their company is developing. As innovating “Serve” is spiraling into; the credit card & banks satisfaction/perspective of these companies are becoming hatred of the eyes of consumers. Banks/credit card product offerings (Bad rating), fees, staff, trust, facility are issues banks/credit card companies should improve because no matter what innovation new, easy-to-use technology they develop, consumers will look for other methods for their finance and satisfaction needs.( Mint, Square, Paydiant, Pago are being used worldwide to monitor, handle consumer finnace)

For instance, months ago I called BankofAmerica (for the last time) to pay my bill and fraud that I saw in my account; my waiting time was 55 minutes (Actually waited 75 minutes), after explaining the representative the issue, rep inform me that he didn’t see any fraud activities in my account (it was) and transfer me to a different department. The issue was resolved after speaking with 4 different representatives/2 managers. If you look up these companies satisfaction ranking, these known banks have the worst satisfaction. Maybe banks/credit cards companies should learn from Google and Amazon that are ranked BEST in Satisfaction category.

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