Google Is The Way Of The Future

Growing up, I didn’t get to use the computer very often. When I did, there wasn’t much I could do, as there wasn’t a way to search for a multitude of things. Today, I couldn’t imagine my life without Google. Most of the information I get, including a lot of facts for school, are from Google. The ability to search for whatever you want whenever you want to is fantastic. The amount of Google searches I do about random things is actually a little concerning. The way Google organizes both websites and images in order of most visited allows its viewers to feel safe about visiting those websites. When I use other search engines such as Bing, I just don’t feel the security that I do with Google. It’s a feeling of security that has grown throughout the years. Bing has tried advertising campaigns to compare their website with Google to try to lure people away. This challenge only strengthened my opinion of Google, since I like their page more every time. The main search engine of almost every web browser and computer is Google. They have a stranglehold on the competition.

All the projects I’ve done and all the assignments I’ve finished in the past are all thanks to Google. They seem to give me exactly what I’m looking for every time. Teachers trust it, parents trust it. All throughout elementary and middle school, whenever we went to the computer lab for assignments, the first thing the teachers would always say was to open up Google for a search. People trust what they see, and everything working through Google allows people to trust them. It’s a welcoming site that I trust and millions, if not billions of people enjoy.

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