Be Cautious Of Social Media Postings.

Many of us capture significant moments in our life with technology such as smart phones, camcorders, and cameras. With these recorded memories, some opt to post these photos and videos on social media sites; sharing these experiences with their friends and families on the world wide web and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. An option that some of these social media users have is to make their profile pages, pictures, and post private allowing only certain people to view their profile content. Some might believe that by blocking all outside users, it is impossible for others to view their page. Contrary to belief , employers can view social media sites whether they are on private or public. According to Huffington Post, not only can employers view these media sites, but federal agencies, insurance companies and stalkers can see your profile as well.

Social media site owners need to learn the concept of professionalism when it comes to sharing information whether their page is private to only certain friends and family or public for anyone with an account to see. Another aspect that these users need to understand is that everything posted onto the world wide web can be traced backwards. Statuses you post from years ago leave a digital footprint online. One group that can be targeted on social media sites is the younger generation, ages eighteen to twenty-five need to be especially careful on what they post. Some young adults might find themselves posting inappropriate photos or statuses that can haunt them with future employers or business partners down the road. Photos displaying drinking, or excessive partying can damage a potential relationship or business client. The common rule with these posting is if you would not want your mother to see these photos, do not post them.


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