Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring Has a New Life

Billy Ray Harris, 55, has truly showed America that by doing good onto others, greater things happen in return. A little over six months ago in February, Harris was homeless and was living on Kansas City’s streets.

One day while Harris was holding out his cup asking pedestrians for spare change, a young woman, Sarah Darling, dropped some change into the cup, accidently dropping her diamond engagement ring in there as well. Harris, unaware of the ring at first, considered selling it, but decided to return it to Darling the next day when he saw her.

Darling was so grateful for the return that she and her husband, Bill Krejci, started a fund for Harris, where those touched by Harris’s kindness could donate money to help him get his life on track.

Within three months, the fund made over $190,000, giving Harris more than enough to get his life back on track. “A lot of people came together to change this person’s life when he is someone who really deserves that,” said Darling.

Since then, Harris has bought a house and a car. He has also reunited with his family, who thought he had been dead for the past sixteen years. Harris is also good friends with Darling and Krejci.

This story teaches us that better results come from doing what’s right. Billy Ray Harris told NBC News that he got Darling’s ring appraised for $4,000, which is a lot of money, especially for someone who is homeless, at the time he considered selling it.

Instead, Harris returned it and made nearly 48 times the amount of the appraised value. “I am not trying to say that I am no saint, but I am no devil either,” said Harris in an interview six months ago.

This story also teaches us that society is not completely dead; there are still people out there who are willing to help those in need just as Darling and her husband helped Billy Ray Harris.

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