Being Tech Savvy isn’t a Common Occurrence For the Youth

Nowadays, everyone expects the other to be tech savvy. Everyone should know how to use a smart phone, the internet, an Ipad, Ipod, the list goes on and on. But to tell the truth, not everyone in this world knows everything about technology. Some people don’t even have the money to afford the smart phones that they are expected to know how to use/own. To take it even further, some people don’t even have the internet or know how to use it properly.

Some people think that the generation that is growing up with all of these new technologies should know how to use them and own them. There are some people in their 20s that don’t even know how to use the internet properly, or how to look up certain information. Also, some young people don’t have the capability to know how to use a smart phone, they have just never been around it.

Another big problem is that because of all these new technologies, some people think that young people love all these new gadgets and hate the others, so they adapt their teaching styles in schools to what they think is right for the teenagers. But, most of the time, the students don’t even like the type of technology that the school system is handing them, so they have to learn to adapt to this technology which can take away from their learning time. Another bad part about this is because when we are trying to catch up the students on this technology, we forget about the quality of their learning and only care about how fast we can get the old technology out and get in the new.

Overall, I know personally that there are young people out there that don’t know that much about technology, including myself. Usually, it’s just the basics, how to use your smart phone, how to use Google and Facebook and how to play games on an Ipad, but past that, not a whole lot of people can comprehend it.

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