Has it become almost impossible to be in solitude?

Technology has become so advanced that people are almost never alone anymore. Whether its talking or texting to someone on the phone, messaging them through Facebook or Twitter, or whether it’s video chatting people on Skype. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. I love Facebook, Twitter and Skype. It’s became a terrible addiction of mine. I notice I don’t get anything done anymore. I have even tried waking up and making a list of things to do and I end up getting almost none of it done because of the distraction of social networking.

Technology has not only taken away our privacy and concentration, but it has taken away our ability to be by ourselves. I have to be with my phone at all times or I literally have a panic attic. I was just sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office the other day  and happened looked around to find that one lady was texting, her daughter was on her ipad, a man was on the phone, and the lady at the desk was typing at a million miles per hour which she had her neck bent to her shoulder talking to a client on the phone. It really made me think, what if none of this technology had been invented. Would we be better off? Would we get more work done or less work done?

The internet is definitely a weakness of mine. If it somehow disappeared one day, I would lose my mind. Although it educates me what is going on in the world and keeps me up to date on things, I feel like I would get so much more accomplished without it. Although it has brought together split up friends and family members, it has quickly become too much of a good thing.

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