Best Paying Jobs In America

With college graduation on the horizon, only time will tell if our 30k+ student debt was really worth it. To give us all an idea about our future success, or demise, here is the list of the best jobs in America. If you’re lucky, you’re career is on the list! If you’re me, you’ll simply read and sob a little to yourself.

10. Industrial-Orginizational Psychologist ($124, 160)- Despite the ‘psychologist’ title, this field involves working with the company’s HR, management, and marketing department.

9. Computer and Information Systems Managers ($125,660)- IT managers plan and implement a company’s  IT strategy.

8. Marketing Manager ($126,190)- The best MM’s make a great living because they’re good at what they do: getting their company’s message out to the public. Years of experience is highly required though.

7. Natural Science Manager ($128,230)- Natural sciences managers supervise scientists in such fields as biology, physics and chemistry, and split their time between office and lab work. 

6. Architectural and Engineering Managers ($129, 350)- Becoming an architectural and engineering manager requires a bachelor’s degree, at minimum, and experience working in the industry. California, Texas, and Alaska are the best locations for this career. 

5. Lawyer ($130, 490)- Lawyers typically need a bachelors degree and three years of law school.

4. Petroleum Engineers ($138,930)- Most petroleum engineers hold a bachelors and work in a coop during their degree earning.

3. Chief Executive Officer ($176, 550)- A bachelors and an MBA may help you in this field, but it is the experience earned in your career that most qualifies you for this role.

2. Dentist & Orthodontists ( $204,670)- Orthodontists earn about $204,670 and dentist earn maybe 40K less and require 8 years of school and written exams.

1. Doctors & Surgeons ($234,950)- It goes without saying that  the medical is the most lucrative of the bunch but also requires the most years in school. However, the payoff is outstanding if you have the brain for it.

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