Drug trafficing: a pandamic that has ruined too many lives

We all know how drugs affect people who are addicted to it. Many dies from them, and even more people who are addicted to them lose family, friends, and even them selves. Should we blame them for being addicted to these drugs? Absolutely they share part of the blame but not all of it. Should we punish the drug dealers who distribute these poisons to the people of society? With out a doubt we should, but that doesn’t stop this problem. The people that should be taken down are the people who are producing and distributing the drugs to people, which are the drug cartels.

The Drug Cartels old most of the blame for this problem; they are reckless, greedy, and do not care about any one but thm selves. They will extort, physically hurt and even kill innocent people just so that they can continue their buisness and make lots of money. These are bad people who only care about expanding their wealth who dont care about what their “product” is doing to the people who use them. Places have become extremely dangerous to live in because of these Drug Cartels. Places like Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, and even Puerto Rico have become deadly places to live because of this dangerous trade.

The issue with the drug wars is that even though govornments across the world have tried to stop them, the drugs will continue to be made, people will still distribute it and people will still use them. There is so many holes to plug that it seems impossible, but it is not. We as a society have to enforce and stand united against drugs. We have to help the ones who have become addicted to them and help the one’s that sell them. The one thing we can’t do is just sit and watch people die, we have to act against these actions and do what we can so that future generations won’t have to deal with this problem.

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