A Man Pretending To Be A Deputy Pulls A Women Over And Tried To Force Her And Her Friends Out Of The Car

Three women from Seminole county said that they were driving in Geneva, Florida when they were pulled over by someone that was posing as a Seminole county deputy officer. The deputies said that 27-year old Joseph Bradford had turned on a fake blue and red police lights on his pickup truck and had pulled the women over on Snow Hill Road near State Road-426. Joseph Bradford is now facing one felony for impersonating a law enforcement officer due to him using the lights said the authorities. Bradford is also facing three felonies for false imprisonment because he pulled over the women and tried to force them out of the truck.

The victim named Ember Bothwell and her friends had thought that they were the one in trouble on Sunday night when Joseph Bradford, had pulled them over because they thought that they had done something wrong. The three women were on their way back from a friend’s house with a child in the back seat from when Bradford pulled them over in his car, a 1995 Ford Ranger, said the deputies. The three women felt that something wasn’t right, so then they rolled up their window, wrote down Bradford’s tags and then called 911.

The women that was driving named Morgan Wordlow, said that Bradford looked like one of those creepy guys that you see on the news. When the three women refused to get out of the car, Bradford drove off. The driver Bothwell, had told Bradford “If you are not in a uniform, I am not going to trust you and even if you are in uniform, I am going to check to make sure you are a cop”. The real deputies pulled Bradford over down the road and they arrested him. Joseph Bradford bonded out of jail Monday morning but refused to speak with anyone. The victims said that they think Bradford should have gone to prison and stayed there.

The suspects’ brother said that Bradford would never force people out of their truck and said that Bradford was most likely upset because the women cut him off and were speeding but the women said that wasn’t true. This made the women feel unsafe and uncomfortable and that it will be harder for them to trust cops because they won’t know who is actually a real cop. Joseph Bradford has had a number of traffic citations including a leaving the scene charge.


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