Will Neil Young’s Pono Music Player Create New Waves for the Music Industry?

Neil Young has created the Pono Music Player that is meant to be high quality sounds on a digital device.  Digital music can easily be poor quality compared to the actual versions of the albums.  Neil Young’s Pono is meant to be a solution for having your good quality music on the go.  You do have to buy the Pono Player, and the player will have it’s own “iTunes” if you will.  Meaning you have to pay for these high quality albums that you want.

Do you think the Pono Player will be able to hold its own next to smartphones and iPods?  Seems like there is only a small niche of people that will actually want to spend more money to have better quality.  Memory is abundant on technology now.  Usually we want our music free, and easy to store so we can bring it anywhere.  The Pono Player won’t make it as easy.  They will charge of their music, and the triangular shape of the device makes it not so pocket friendly.

I can see how the idea of the Pono Player may have sounded better, but reality  may be a little different.  Many people will not want to pay a lot for music she it is so easy to find online.  Plus the price may be steep for what people are looking for.  People are always looking for the best bargain and this doesn’t quite sound like one.  It’s hard to say if this new device will successfully meet what it was intended for or if it will be a flop.

But, if you do like high quality music, and need a device to put it on, the Pono Player may be your next buy for your music collection.


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