Bill Cosby Returns to TV with a New Show on NBC

Bill Cosby returns to TV with a new family sitcom, which airs on NBC. NBC has not yet released more information on the upcoming show, but is hoping audiences will feel as comfortable when The Cosby Show aired on network television so many years ago.

It is great to see Bill Cosby back on the TV screen again. Watching him as a child brought laughter to me constantly, but also exposed real life issues that families possibly go through in their lifetime.

Bill Cosby was always funny as a comedian and actor, which was a source that sparked interests in being funny myself to friends and family members of my own. One technique that I thought was valuable to my stand-up acts was making my face look funny in order to appeal to audiences. Yet another performance trick that Cosby used was keeping his comedy clean for all age groups, which I will do the same thing when performing in front of certain groups of individuals.

I am not the only one that is excited for the return of Bill. Amanda McClain, a communications professor at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, stated, “Bill Cosby will always going to be welcomed into people’s homes because of nostalgia for the Huxtables.”

Other stars have made a return to television besides Bill Cosby. Michael J. Fox with his show “The Michael J. Fox Show”, and for the upcoming Superbowl on Sunday, Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier are together on screen for a yogurt commercial.

I will have to wait for more upcoming news for what could be a new highly anticipated sitcom starring Bill Cosby.

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