Some Friendships In Your Life Are Meant to Last Forever

There are so many people that you are going to meet in your life time. Many people that you meet will be of no importance to your life. There are people that you meet when you’re depositing money at the bank, there’s people you meet when you are walking your dog on a Saturday morning, at a meeting, in one of your classes and so on. Those people are just back ground people in your life just like you are the back ground person in their life in that moment. Then there’s other people that you will remember because they went to high school with you, or college, but that still doesn’t mean that they will be important in a few years or that they were important at all, it just means that they are in your long term memory and you remember how they are because you saw them in high school/college for four years.
These interactions compare to the days in the year. There will be way more days where nothing important happens and you will not remember anything about them in the long run. We only remember the days that something exceptional happens. For example, the day you get your license, your high school prom, first kiss, getting married, having your children, etc. Most likely in these memorable days will be included the day that you met your best friend. Which is funny because the day you meet your future best friend, you do not think that they will be so important to you but then after years of friendship pass you realize that you still remember the first day you met them. Is that because your brain somehow knew to save that information in your “memory files” because it knew there was something special about this person that was going to cause them to be important in the future, who knows?
Best friends may come and go sometimes but I believe that sometimes know when people are going to be in your life forever. Most likely you will have one or two best friends from high school your whole life that you keep in contact with or even hang out with all the time. Even more permanent, I think, are friends that you meet in college or in your home town because they will most likely always be near to you in terms of location. People tend to become close to other people that live near to them. Even here at UCF, all the friends that I have made are people who are from Miami like myself. Why? Because people just tend to be more comfortable around people that are similar to them and because that means that the friendships I have created will be more permanent because we’re from the same place. Having best friends is a wonderful thing and definitely something you want to treasure for the rest of your life. “Maybe our best friends are our soul mates and crushes are just people to have fun with.” – Sex and The City.

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