Richard Sherman Steals the Show and Send the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl

News Photo: Cornerback Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks takes…

If I had to describe Richard Sherman in a few words, I’d say: Best Cornerback in the NFL. Interesting enough, Sherman would say the exact same things about himself and probably wouldn’t need any prompting. Richard Sherman may be one of the cockiest, brashest, in-your-face athletes in North America and I couldn’t love it more. I believe the best about his excessive confidence is that he more than backs up week after week. About 2-3 years back, Darelle Revis was the de facto answer for best cornerback in the NFL. He came off one of the greatest seasons for a defensive back & led his team to multiple AFC championships. Then along came Sherman, who at the height of Revis’ popularity challenged him for his title very loud & publicly but as well as on the field. He claimed that he was better than the Jets’ All-Pro defensive back about 2 seasons ago; and to reiterate an old cliche, numbers never lie. There hasn’t been a Corner in the league who has performed better than Sherman in the last 2 seasons as he is either at or near the top for all statistical categories for his position. Not to mention he also led the league in interceptions this season with 8, amassing 16 INTs in the last 2 seasons. Although all of this isn’t what has Sherman in the news these days, it’s this post game interview:

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I watched both of the conference championship playoff games that weekend so I was able to witness this video live in it’s full context. To paint the scene: it was the last drive of the game, the Seahawks were up 23-17 and the 49ers were driving and now in the redzone. Colin Kaepernick seemed to be up to his late game heroics once again, then all of sudden the Niners called a pass play and then Kaepernick floated the ball to the endzone to Crabtree. Sherman was guarding him & read the play, he tipped the ball up and his linebacker caught it, effectively sending the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

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