Samsung Glass: Pretty Much Just Google Glass, But Late On The Game

Samsung Electronics is planning to release their “new” technology in the fall. The device is seemingly similar to Google Glass, which was shown at the Augmented World Expo last year. Google Glass is still in test stages and being further developed for mass retail. Samsung’s “Galaxy Glass” is a small computer that can be attached to glasses and instead of using a mouse or standard input devices, it uses voice commands. Rumor has it that they will be unveiling this at the Internationale Funkausstellung trade show in Berlin. There is still talk about whether the technology will be ready by then, but it looks promising since they have already released a similar product, the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Unfortunately, the watch is not as exciting as people had anticipated at it is only capable of a handful of functions, and the user must already have their smartphone within arms reach. The watch is able to answer phone calls using voice control, and taking and sharing photos and videos.

They have admitted that they don’t believe this device will generate any profit in the beginning but they hope that as the technology advances, they will be able to better market it. I think that the complete lack of hype over the Smartwatch would have been a great indication that they shouldn’t jump the gun, but apparently their strategy is a little more aggressive. I think that this device is definitely a thing of the future, but you can’t push a product on a market that is not willing to spend big bucks on an “augmented reality.”

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