Bill Nye the Dancing Guy: Scientist on Dancing with the Stars

It is safe to say that most of us grew up with fairly decent childhoods. I feel as though if you grew up with things like Sesame Street, Rugrats, and the Magic Schoolbus, you had it good! A lot of us who grew up in the 90’s might remember a show called “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” How much fun was it to learn about science with tons of “new” computer generated effects and songs?! Learning mixed in with fun is always a plus for parents and teachers which is probably why it was such a popular show and teaching tool. At our age, still, we can probably sing the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song. That says a lot!

About a year or two ago, rumors circulated throughout every part of the Internet saying that Bill Nye passed away. It spread like wildfire to the point that there were “RIP Bill Nye” groups and website pages. However, this was proven to be false almost immediately by anyone who could look it up for themselves. Bill Nye was in fact alive and well, but what was he doing? It felt as though he had fallen off the face of the Earth!

What about now in the year 2013? What is Bill Nye up to? Many 90s kids will be happy, or even humored, to find out that the new season of the popular contest show, Dancing With the Stars, will star our beloved scientist friend, Bill Nye. He agreed to be on the show which airs on September 16th by saying that “it’s all physics!” Even on a dancing show, he finds science. Watching our old friend dancing along side professional dancers and other stars like Snooki would be very entertaining to say the least.

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